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December 17

Sooooo….we’re not quite sure how to describe the following photos from our Ugly Sweater party our Young Adults group at church put on, so we’re not even going to try.  However, the epic Shenanigans that took place over our white elephant gift exchange, ugly sweater fashion walk-off, and a very uncoordinated Wii Dance Party made it just awesome. Enjoy the following randomness. In the meantime, we’re headed out to Sunny California! Whoop Whoop!

High Key Photo Booth Stebner PhotographyHigh Key Photo Booth Stebner Photography
High Key Photo Booth Stebner PhotographyHigh Key Photo Booth Stebner PhotographyHigh Key Photo Booth Stebner PhotographyHigh Key Photo Booth Stebner Photography

Yup, We’re Special…..

High Key Photo Booth Stebner Photography

Before We start with this blog post, we want to make a few things very clear.

1. Scott doesn’t usually have a Mustache. Actually, we found it revolting. Not so much mustaches in general, just Scott’s. He was doing no shave November, and when we decided to make a flier for our annual Ugly Sweater Contest, Scott decided it would make the photo that much better (or worse, depending on viewpoint) to shave it into a mustache.

2. Scott quickly got rid of the Mustache. It was Creepy. Meaning, for a brief moment in time, he was creepy.That’s not a good thing. Honestly I (Scott) couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror and avoided reflective objects. Gross.

3. We love ugly sweaters around Christmas time…not any other time of the year, just Christmas.

With that out of the way, we decided to go full force in the making of this year’s Flier for the Ugly Sweater Party and can’t wait to go thrift shopping while we’re in Kansas for Thanksgiving.

So without any more delay, here’s some creepy Holiday Cheer. Alyssa not so much…Scott very much so. Gross.

We blocked out the Address for obvious privacy reasons. But I mean, come on. If these photos don’t make you fall in love with us as wedding photographers, will anything? We hope you notice the sarcasm :)

Well the end of 2010 didn’t quite happen how I wanted it to, snowed in our house with most of the roads impassible with ice, but 2010 was seriously an amazing year.

Some Personal Highlights

I got Engaged (Wohoo!)

I got Married (Even bigger Wohoo)

We moved to a small town but we’re still super close to Denver

Found a Church I love

Realized just how much I love being a Denver Wedding and Senior Picture Photographer

Visited my parents in Sunny San Diego and finall had REAL Mexican food again

Met tons of new people in Colorado with many awesome photographer friends

Went on a great Cruise to Mexico

June 03

I’m starting to get emails about my workflow and how I apply it to images that I shoot.

I’m so excited to roll out our new line of Digital Albums which are included in every wedding package.


February 27

This weekend Alyssa and I jumped in the Jeep and went towards Estes park to spend the day hiking, eating great Mexican Food, enjoy Kind Coffee, and taking pictures. It had to be a better experience than last time because, well….last time I hit an Elk. More precisely it head-butted my driver side mirror. Elk 1, Driver Side Mirror 0. Anyways.

As we were giving up on the light and about to head home, we ran across this beautiful church near the base of Longs Peak. So, I just had to take some photographs.

estes park

estes park

On a wedding note, we just received our Save the Dates that my great friend Nate Shelton did for us (separeate post on those later). And yes, we are already counting down the wedding with less than 4 months to go.


A few months ago I was able to join Zach and Cayla in an amazing engagement session. I guess I wasn’t the only one that loved their pictures as I was featured on Colorado Weddings Magazine

If you’re getting married in Colorado, i would definitely check out their magazine since it’s free and a tremendous resource.