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May 26

This year we’ve branched out a bit (ok, a lot) from strictly Wedding Photos and are now offering Senior Sessions as well. So, consider today’s post a little bit of a treat as we kick off our 2012 class of students.

However, I didn’t always have this warm place in my heart for senior portraits, probably because of what mine looked like and felt like.

Well the end of 2010 didn’t quite happen how I wanted it to, snowed in our house with most of the roads impassible with ice, but 2010 was seriously an amazing year.

Some Personal Highlights

I got Engaged (Wohoo!)

I got Married (Even bigger Wohoo)

We moved to a small town but we’re still super close to Denver

Found a Church I love

Realized just how much I love being a Denver Wedding and Senior Picture Photographer

Visited my parents in Sunny San Diego and finall had REAL Mexican food again

Met tons of new people in Colorado with many awesome photographer friends

Went on a great Cruise to Mexico

December 06

I recently provided a free Senior Session for a fundraiser for the Fleming High School FFA Chapter and Steven’s mother was the winning bidder in the auction. Steven is new to Colorado is an FFA Member at Fleming. Steven, you have a bright future and congratulations on your upcoming graduation.

November 06

Jackie, you were so much fun on your senior session as we walked around Denver finding amazing light and backdrops.

November 06

Alyssa shares the same name as my wife, so I knew she rocked! We met in downtown Boulder, Co to do her senior session and she brought with her cupcakes, great outfits, and a whole lot of awesome! Alyssa, your passion for life and dedication to your studies will make you go far in life!!! Congrats on graduating this spring and wish you the best as you go off to study dermatology!

July 20

I can’t say enough awesome things about Tyler and her family. I had the chance to meet them at my old work just as Tyler was finishing up her Junior year in High School and when they asked me to shoot her senior portraits, I was so excited. Not only did we have amazing light, but some other situations we had no idea would happen…like the garden sprinklers turning on in the middle of our portrait shoot soaking all of us and making me very thankful I shelled out the extra cash for a camera that is water sealed.

Tyler plans on going to NCU and